This is what happens when I'm bored!!!!

Ok so thanks to reading many a yaoi manga I've been wandering what the legal age of consent is in Japan and this is the article i found. Read it to the end. NOT JOKING. READ IT.

Is the age of consent in Japan really 13?

Well yes, sort of….but not really.
However, that’s part of the reason for the popularity of Enjo kyosai (援助交際) aka “compensated dating” where high school-aged girls are paid by older men to “date” them (and render sexual services generally).

Here’s the way the so-called “age 13 is age of consent” works:
The age of consent in Japan is 13 years old under the Japanese national criminal law code. However, all municipalities and prefectures have their own particular laws such as Tokyo’s “Youth Protection Law” which prohibit adults from having sex with youths who are under 17 years old. Because the age of consent in Japan ranges from 13 to 17, depending on jurisdiction, many enjo kyosai clients cannot be charged with statutory rape. See the website: Japan — Age of Consent

As an added note, even though the age of consent in Japan can be 13, the age of majority is 20 for voting. The age of adulthood is considered 20 and driving age in 20.

Weird? Here’s a better one. Japan’s “Prostitution Prevention Act”(1958) only prohibts actual sexual
intercourse (or sex controlled by organized crime). That law defines as That law defines as “true” sexual conduct between men and women, and not to “imitation” between same sex persons, so gay prostitution is not prohibited directly. That also makes hand jobs, water queens, or homosexual SM nuns legal.
Therefore, creatively kinky places like the “Sexual Harassment Corporation” where you pay to molest girls in school and business sets are totally legal. (There is an actual picture of there business sign on the website)

Now to go back to waiting for the new episode of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
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Long ass rant!!!!

Okay it's been a long time since i updated my livejournal and as usual it's been because stuff just has been happening one after another: my boredom of high school hit an alltime high, mother's day, graduation, 3-day graduation party, and after two weeks of begining out of school I already feel like murdering my dad.

- The first one is completely self exclamatory. When we got our final high school transcripts I laughed my ass off when I noticed that this year alone i missed 36 days and checked in 8 times. 'Nough said.

- As usual no holiday in my family goes by without drama and this one was no exception. It started when my dad told my mom the day before that he and my sister had invited people over for a dinner that they were cooking. All my mom wanted to do was go out for a nice dinner and get it over with so to say she wasn't happy was an understatement especially since they wanted her to help them clean the house. It turns out that he only invited my aunt and cousins so she wasn't ticked in that afternoon. Anyway long story short, my dad used my mom's good china and put it on the edge of the counter
and kept hovering over and if had moved an inch wrong he would have knocked them all off the counter and broken them (problem here being that we got the dishes in New Orleans aka they are now irreplaceable) so when my mom called it to his attention you would think he would just slide them farther onto the counter. He didn't and then mom kinda blew up ending with her saying If she was allowed to kill one person she would shoot him in the head right there and spent the rest of the after glaring at him across the table.

- By the time graduation finally rolled around i was just wanting to get it over with. When my cousin Cat picked up me, Sarah, and Tony she couldn't understand why none of us were excited about graduating from high school. Now she knows its not because i'm chronically depressed like she seems to think. (Cat doesn't know how to take happiness from the little things in life. I derive much more pleasure more reading a good book than graduating from high school).

- I did not ask or want a graduation party much less one that lasted from friday night to sunday night. I can't say it wasn't any fun cos it was at times but my mom used my party as a way to have a small family reunion.

- My dad is making it very hard for me not to kill him. It started the day we took the group cap and gown pic at UGH. I told him that the pic wouldn't take long, no more than half an hour so just stay in the area. This of course translates to him to go to the Home Depot in McDonough when there is one five minutes away from the house. The pics were done at 9:26, he didn't come get me til almost 11. Then I noticed that I haven't got my bank statement in the last two months again which only means one thing: my dad is hiding it cos he doesn't want me or mom to know he dipped into my account again. I signed up for my bank's online service and saw that around $400 or $500 is missing. Let's just say that I will be very happy come my birthday when I can take him off my account. More is probably missing since my mom refused to give him any money on Monday.

So finally here are some pics from my official grdauation party (saturday):
http://img513.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s50003558dh.jpg ( Macy May playing in the kiddie pool I later slipped in)
http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s50003599cs.jpg (Leilani)
http://img238.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s500037016vi.jpg (The chicken dance 'nough said)
http://img236.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s500039112hk.jpg (crawfish and shrimp boil)
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Prom was actually fun! Who would have thought?

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Thanks to my sinuses I have slept about 25 hours out of past 36 hours. Very sad. Anyway after we figured out I was not knocking on death and just needed some alavert I've felt alot better. Killed some time today by watching the taiwanese drama of mars. not bad but it takes 3 eps. to finish one manga and it's an hour long show. Well at least the guy playing Rei is kinda hot. http://en.chinabroadcast.cn/mmsource/image/2005-1-6/119.gif
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Interesting Tidbit

OK now I officially know why Kenneth was acting weird last year. Apparently he was severely depressed some much so that he has been taking antidepressants. It's making alot of sense now.
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BEWARE Prom Shopping

Yesterday my mom, my aunt, and I went shopping for prom dresses and let me say I almost had a panic attack. I love to shop. I do it almost every weekend, but god lord there was so many damn people. I couldn't turn around without knocking into someone. I also ran into one of my classmates from Future Trophywives of America. This wouldn't bother me except she's a friend of Micah's so lord know's I'm going to get an earful tommorrow. Woofreakin'hoo. Anyway they didn't even have the dress I want so I'm going to have to order it. Here's a pic: http://www.cool-prom-dress.com/nm5266.html
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Sugesstions Anyone!

Rae, any sugesstion on any good shows that I mostly likely haven't seen? I've already gone through Gundam Seed Destiny, Loveless, Paradise Kiss, Trinity Blood ( good but the ending is a little what the fuck ), FullMetal Alchemist (I broke down and watched the rest on youtube. damn u, rae.), the Hellsing OVA, a little of Rozen Maiden,and currently I'm downloading Kimi Wa Petto (freakin' hilarious). I checked out a couple of new shows on youtube like Fate/Stay Night, but nothing interesting, and Host Club doesn't even premiere for another month.
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